Fergal Hanks

Welcome to my website. I am a 6th year Economics PhD student at Northwestern University. I am going on 2023-2024 academic job market.

I study the macroeconomics of labour markets.

My job market paper is

Skill Biased Reallocation draft

Abstract: Workers displaced by the reallocation of labour demand across industries suffer persistent earnings losses, in a large part due to higher unemployment risk. This paper quantifies the aggregate unemployment implications of a reallocation of labour demand. I develop a search and matching model with multiple industries and industry specific skill that is calibrated to the US economy. In the model a reallocation shock leads to up to a 0.8 percentage points rise in unemployment. The combination of industry specific skill and the substitutability between workers of different skill levels are key to this result.


My email is fergalhanks2024@u.northwestern.edu